How to Use Chat Software to Grow Well-Rounded Employees

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Why Chat Software is the Key to Unlocking Your Team’s Potential

AOL instant messenger transformed the communication world in the ’90s. Chat software has only improved from there.

Social media users can message friends from virtually every account app from Instagram and Snap Chat to Facebook. But chat capabilities are used for more than just socializing.

Businesses, big and small, are realizing the benefits of chat software in the workplace. Find out here how chat software boosts productivity and brings out the best in your team.

Boosts Morale

Companies are constantly searching for innovative ways to boost employee morale. From monthly meetings to team building activities, employees that work better together produce quality results. And internal social media can deepen this connection.

Chat software opens doors for staff to connect with employees from different departments. The knowledge of one employee might help a coworker perform their job better. This working relationship builds team morale, creating a more positive environment. 

Chat software also helps shy employees communicate and get involved. This makes them feel a part of the team and more likely to take pride in their work.

Chat Software Connects Remote Workers

A recent study shows there are nearly 3.9 million remote workers in the workforce today. With millions of employees working around the globe, chat software has never been more important.

Remote workers lack the interactive, office atmosphere. Not only can this become isolating, but it can impede productivity as well. When a remote worker is stumped on a project, they can use internal social media platforms to get the answers they need.

Fewer Calls and Emails

There’s no worse feeling than coming into work Monday morning bombarded by emails. Or countless phone calls interrupting your workday. The ability to communicate with coworkers during the day cuts down on the need for calls and emails.

Those skeptical of chat software worry about being bombarded with messages and questions. But truth be told, most employees find chat messages less distracting than phone calls and emails.

Workers can read the messages when it’s convenient and send a simple, concise response before getting back to work.

Get Answers, Fast

We live in a world of immediacy and instant gratification. We’ve all been there. You’re flying through a project until you reach a snag. You need more information before you can finish.

No one’s answering their phone and your email is sitting unread. You start to scroll through social media and before you know, your productivity is shot.

Chat software gives employees access to hundreds of co-workers across time zones. Chances are, one of them will have the answer you’re looking for. This keeps you on task and prevents work slumps.

Learning Opportunities

The benefits of using internal social media don’t stop at group chats. Most chat software offers other features like live e-learning experiences, interactive video chats, and surveys. 

These platforms put skills training and advancement opportunities in the hands of those that need them most.

Start Talking

Internal social media is the wave of the future. And in more demand than ever.

Inter-department collaboration means faster and more accurate results. If you’re looking for more reasons to incorporate chat software at work, check out this article.

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