NAWBO DC's Executive Team Saves Hundreds of Hours

NAWBO, the National Association of Women Business Owners, is a chapter-based national organization for female entrepreneurs. The greater DC chapter, the focus of this study, has an Executive team of 8 to 9 members, a paid administrator to support them, and a full membership of over 100 professionals who own their own businesses.

The executive team's focus each year is to help grow the organization, recruit new members, and guide a number of committees that help manage events, membership, and communication.

WE 2018
After learning about Gravatate and their "workspace" approach, the executive team decided to pilot the product. Gravatate workspaces provided the team with a centralized hub where everyone could participate in group conversations that allowed them to communicate more effectively and follow the genesis of conversations from beginning to end.
Saved Hundred of Hours
Centralized communication allowed the entire DC chapter to cut unproductive time by a huge margin.
Improved their Information Security
Now that all of the chapter's conversations, files, and links are all in one secure place, they don't have to worry about sensitive information being compromised.
Made Work Easier (and more enjoyable) for the entire team
Prior to Gravatate, big initiatives like the yearly executive transition and staffing push, were a source of dread. Now they're not a cause for concern.
Lisa Nicholls
President, NAWBO of Greater DC
Gravatate is a Game Changer
Using Gravatate has helped us grow our organization by streamlining our communications and processes. We have much better communication among our board and committees thanks to gravatate! It has really helped us to stay on track so we are more productive ensuring our initiatives and goals are being met.
Tonia Chagnon
Chapter Administrator, NAWBO of Greater DC
We Get More Done with Gravatate
It’s great having one place to go for key information and to know that the documents we are reading the are most current. This has helped to smooth our yearly Executive transition process and made it easier to provide timely and useful information to our members.

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