A Game Changer for Non-profit Boards and Committees

Elevate your board and committee communication with gravatate. With an intuitive, affordable and flexible messaging platform built specifically for people who work together to get things done, gravatate gets everyone on the same page quickly and easily.

Extend your mission and brand with your most committed members without asking them to make a hard change off email. Organize and simplify event details, committee notes, shared documents and bookmarked links so the busy professionals working together can get more done.
Intuitive interface
Clean, simple and professionally-oriented with right-sized technology like file and link sharing and calendar event creation.
Affordable for boards of all sizes
With a generous freemium plan and a workspace bundle pricing model (vs. per-user prices) boards, committees and sub-committees with budgets of any size can afford streamlined communications tools.
No complex technical skills needed
We built our messaging platform so that every professional person could use it – with key functionality and not a lot of unnecessary complexity. You won’t have to hire additional IT staff to manage your board or committee, and with FAQs, How-To Videos and regular webinars we offer support in the ways that work for you.
Kyrah J. Altman
CEO & Co-Founder of LEAD, Inc.
What a lifesaver
Gravatate has been a lifesaver for our organization and team members...it's simple, easy, and practical for everyday use. Moreover, it's designed to best fit our needs and enable non-intrusive communication between one another.
Alan Schlaifer
Chairman, Annual Wharton Innovation Summit
Great application
We just had the best summit ever! Gravatate helped us to communicate effectively and organize all the talented people working on the Summit. So simple to manage all the coordination and information (files, pictures and panel details) versus any past event. Great application for event organizers and teams!