Take Good Care of Your Members

Elevate your team communication with gravatate. We power professional groups to greater productivity with a flexible, affordable and intuitive messaging platform built specifically for business leaders.

Connect, organize and brand your collaboration with your peer business group members without overpaying or hitting usage ceilings on a freemium plan. Less email means more networking and a stronger community.
Simplify and elevate messaging
Branded and contextual messages, chats, calendar events and files so groups are working together instead of being hampered by consumer-focused or intra-company technology
Organize disparate apps/files
Save time when looking for important information and electronic files. No need to search through emails, texts, SMS-apps and sift through personal information. Plus, organize information in ways that works for the group.
Easy to set up, use and manage
Simple set-up puts the power of professionally polished messaging in anyone’s reach. Just click “+” to start a chat or create a workspace. No app exchanges or integrations needed. Lightweight email integration means members can join when they are ready and organizers don’t need to duplicate messaging.
Donnell Johns
Donnell Johns
1 Million Cups Fairfax
Gravatate allows our team to communicate efficiently and effectively which allows us to share information, events, and documents in one easy to use platform.
Paul R
Paul Riecks
CEO of Make Meetings Matter
Great Tool
I design and facilitate a variety of meetings. Gravatate has become a great tool for sustaining the groups I help by supporting collaboration, cooperation and communication in ways that are way better than e-mail and texting. Messages delivered through Gravatate get read, answered and kept along with the documents that are important to each work group