1 Million Cups Drastically Improves Organization and Cuts Meeting Prep Time by 90% with Gravatate

1 Million Cups is a free program put on by the Kauffman Foundation. Local chapters are made up of volunteer organizing committees and millions of business professionals who meet each week to educate, inspire, and help each other solve business challenges.

As you can imagine, when members come together from various industries and company cultures to tackle joint initiatives, communication and collaboration can all get a litle overwhelming.

1 million cups fairfax
After a walkthrough of Gravatate's platform and workspace approach, The Fairfax Chapter decided to get on board. Within weeks, they noticed a huge improvement in the way they could collaborate and get things done.
Reduce Weekly Meeting Prep Time by 90% for each committee member
Gravatate's centralized approach to teamwork meant member's didn't have to spend hours searching for files, emails, and documents.
Recruit New Members to the Committee
Gravatate made collaboration easier and more enjoyable for all involved allowing the committee to rebuild their numbers.
Easily Transition to Remote Work
The pandemic took every organization by surprise. Gravatate made transitioning to remote work when other business forums shut down easier.
Donnell Johns
Donnell Johns
Director, 1 Million Cups Fairfax
Communicate Efficiently and Effectively
Gravatate allows our team to communicate efficiently and effectively which allows us to share information, events, and documents in one easy to use platform.
jen dalton
Jen Dalton
Organizer, 1 Million Cups Fairfax
Tame the Chaos and Have Fun
Before Gravatate we were absolutely overwhelmed by all the emails, texts and different apps we were trying to use to manage the weekly meetings. Since we started to use Gravatate we have sighed in relief and now have fun on our weekly meetings instead of dreading them.

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