Be a Leader of Leaders

Elevate your most important professional communications with gravatate. With an intuitive, affordable and flexible messaging platform built specifically for business leaders, you get enterprise-grade capability available for business owners of all types of firms. Gravatate gets everyone on the same page quickly and easily.

Extend your brand with your most important customers and partners without asking them to make a hard change off email. Organize and simplify event details, committee notes, shared documents and bookmarked links so the busy professionals you work with can get more done.
Chat and virtual workspaces simplified
Save time when looking for important information and electronic files. No need to search through emails, texts, SMS-apps and sift through personal information. Plus, organize information in ways that works for everyone. New team members? No problem – add them and they can immediately see all the pertinent materials.
Affordable for companies of all sizes
With a generous freemium plan and a workspace bundle pricing model (vs. per-user prices) all sizes of business and professional firms, with budgets of any size, can afford streamlined communications tools.
Business continuity built in
As your team changes and so does that of your vendors, clients, and partners, our workspace continues to be the glue between organizations-- keeping conversation history, key learnings, solutions and relationships alive
Josh Frey
Owner, The Swag Coach Program
Awesome Application
Gravatate is the PERFECT solution for our small business community of entrepreneurs. Easy, fast and centralized communication and file sharing. Love it as we run a lot of sales contests, updates to the team and dialogue between each of us. It's WAY better than Slack and the other products I have used.
Marco Gonzalez
Owner of Trattoria Trecolori
Simple and Professional
Great application to keep my management team on the same page. As roles change, our workspace is the one constant for daily management hand offs.