Business Coach and Entrepreneur Cuts Admin Efforts by 75%

Josh Frey is the founder of The Swag Coach, a coaching company dedicated to helping businesses and sales professionals grow. Like many entrepreneurs, Josh engages his community and builds business through networking groups – and he's been successful – but like so many companies do when they're ready to scale, his hit a snag.

Josh had no problem making connections and winning customers, but as he grew, communication and consistent engagement became a challenge due to the tools at his disposal.

the swag coach
Josh was introduced to gravatate through, what else, a networking group. After seeing how the group was able to streamline communication and create a true community, the light bulb went off – he could do the same for his business!
Gravatate Workspaces Helped Save Time
The centralized workspaces helped Josh create communities where he could address topics of interest in one fell swoop – not dozens of individual emails. He cut his admin efforts by 75%!
He Could Take on More Clients
Josh saved time by addressing his communities on big issues, and individuals on more personal topics through Gravatate chat. He applied the time saved to growing his business. He now has 5 more hours per week for business development!
His Business Relationships Improved
Gravatate allowed Josh to communicate with his customers in a new and more streamlined way. He can now give more of his time to customers so they get exactly what they need.
Josh Frey
Owner, The Swag Coach Program
Awesome Application
Gravatate is the PERFECT solution for our small business community of entrepreneurs. Easy, fast and centralized communication and file sharing. Love it as we run a lot of sales contests, updates to the team and dialogue between each of us. It's WAY better than Slack and the other products I have used.

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