Gravatate vs the Other Guys

There's no shortage of collaboration products out there, but when it comes to improving the way you work, nobody matches the simplicity, flexibility, and affordability of Gravatate. Don't believe us? Test us out with a small group today.

Gravatate vs. Slack

Easier to Understand, Without All the Noise and Hashtags

Leave hashtags to your social channels. Gravatate lets you organize your work environment by workspace, which users of any age or level of tech experience can understand.
  • No endless lists of feeds, just organized workspaces
  • Easy file and link sharing
  • A built-in calendar for simple team scheduling
  • Desktop and mobile apps to ensure you stay connected
Target slack-new-logo
Dedicated intercompany chat Need to be in a workspace
OOB email integration
Per workspace pricing
Our take on Slack – It's a team chat tool. Problem is, it essentially recreates your overflowing email inbox with an equally or even more overflowing chat box. Good for conversations, not for organization.
Gravatate vs. Whatsapp

Built for Professionals, Not Just Chat

Chat is great. In fact, it's an important element of Gravatate, but it doesn't come close to solving all of the issues companies run into when attempting to simplify communication. Gravatate offers:
  • Large, full team messaging
  • Small, focused chats
  • Easy file and link sharing
  • Calendars and scheduling
  • Integrated email communication
Target whatsapp-icon
Workspaces for teams Group chat only
OOB email integration
Per workspace pricing
Our take on Whatsapp – It's a great free tool that offers secure messaging and calls for family and friends, but it severely lacks the functionality needed for professional use.
Gravatate vs. Microsoft Teams

Gravatate Excels at Inter-Company Communication

More often than not, your teams and your clients have different technology preferences (Apple, Microsoft, Google), and different levels of expertise. Gravatate accounts for that. Our tools make collaboration across companies and technologies easy.
  • Anything shared in the workspace can also be shared via email (when enabled). Nobody out of the loop
  • Responses by email get indexed into the proper channel (chat or workspace message) in the right sequence
  • Seamless communication for off-platform users
  • Easy for slow-adopters to adjust
  • Can replace SMS text messaging
Target microsoft-teams
Dedicated intercompany chat Need to be in a team
Easy to include external collaborators
Per workspace pricing
Our take on Teams – Great tool if you're in an enterprise environment collaborating with coworkers. Cross-company chat and collaboration gets tricky.
Gravatate v. Base Camp

Simple Collaboration with Less of a Learning Curve

Where some products offer everything under the sun, Gravatate offers the essential tools your team needs to communicate and collaborate effectively, including ...
  • Team directories – add and subtract people when needed
  • Full team messaging with nested conversations
  • Focused chats for smaller conversations
  • Easy file and link sharing
  • Calendars and scheduling
Target basecamp
Multi-account flexibility Company plan only
Dedicated intercompany chat
Per workspace pricing
Our take on Basecamp – Built with a project focus. Has TONS of functionality, more that most communication and collaboration warrant.

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