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Is your team overloaded with inputs? Reduce the noise, improve communication, and easily collaborate with all of your project and client stakeholders. Minimize the pain and maximize your impact with Gravatate.

dedicated workspaces



Organize Your Efforts

Workspaces are the communication and organization hubs of your work groups and projects. Everything you need to collaborate effectively is all right here.

  • Team directories – invite internal and external collaborators if needed
  • Workspace messaging with nested conversations
  • File and link sharing
  • Calendar – schedule meetings and appointments

Workspace Messaging


Get Your Whole Team Involved

Have conversations with your entire team and ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Perfect for broad questions and general input
  • Share files and links needed by all
  • Pin important messages to the top of the group conversation
  • Expand and collapse nested conversations. Address tangents without muddling up the bigger picture



For Focused Conversation

Some messages aren't meant for the whole group. Use chats to communicate with one member of your team, or just a few.

  • Collaborate with one person or smaller groups
  • Address specific topics without side-tracking the whole workspace
  • Use chat to replace SMS text messaging
  • Chat through email. Integration is built in
  • Available on your desktop and phone
file sharing

File and Link Sharing


Easily share documents, links, and finished work to make sure everyone on your team has what they need to be successful.

  • Share via workspace message or chat
  • All shared files are available in your workspace for easy access at any time
  • All files are protected by the latest encryption standards
  • All data is stored in secure, industry-leading data centers



Keep Your Team in Sync

Improve scheduling with simple shared calendars.

  • Quickly schedule and share meetings and appointments
  • Add meetings and appointments to group or individual calendars
  • Create repeat events – 3 o’clock coffee break anyone?
  • Enable notifications to remind your team of upcoming events
integrated email

Integrated Email


Leave Nobody Behind

Working with a slow adopter or someone who's not on Gravatate? No problem. Easily collaborate with teammates who still prefer email.

  • Workspace messages and chats can be automatically shared to team members’ email
  • Add slow adopters and off-platform collaborators to your workspace through a quick email invite
  • Option to turn off automatic email messaging and notifications
  • Integration is built in. No custom coding required

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