4 Reasons Business Chat Should Be Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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The future is now, and your business needs to be able to keep up. Here’s why you need to develop a digital transformation strategy with communication.

While businesses everywhere know how important it is to implement new software throughout the office many companies struggle where the rubber meets the road.

If you’re trying to implement a better strategy that takes into account all the technology you have (or don’t have), you need to work hard to keep up.

If you’re not using a business chat module in your company, it’s time you consider the many ways it’ll help your business.

Here are four of our favorite ways that business chat can totally transform your office day-to-day communications for the better:

1. Work With Your Team in Real Time

One of the hard things about email is knowing that it’s the last place your employees want to be. When they have a question or a sincere concern about your products or services, they want to get an immediate, real-time response.

That’s hard to give them in a traditional business model.

However, if you’re looking into bettering your workplace environment, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to change the way your employees contact you. Instead of waiting for them to reach out to you, you can take the opportunity to reach out to them. Your chat module can be configured for you to greet employees as soon as you see they’re online.

When they interact, your responses come in real time. It’s always good to have a few responses on-hand that wake up your staff to get engaged. Once they’re alerted, your employees get to interact in real time with the leadership team and get guidance on projects and more in real time.

By offering a real-time response, you get to interact with your employees in a way that engages them sincerely. They’ll appreciate the ability to talk to you when most other companies make them go through a complicated system.

2. Build Trust in The Company

When you want to get ahold of someone these days, you can send several emails that you never hear back from. You could leave a phone message that gets lost in the mix. If you’re relaying time-sensitive information, you’re going to be stressing out while you wait for the other person to respond.

Rather than having this kind of interaction that leaves a sour taste in your mouth, a digital transformation strategy can improve interactions within your office.

By implementing a chat module, and one that’s used internally, you’ll be able to engage with your team with immediately. That means that there’s no more worrying about emails that don’t get read or messages that get lost. A business chate application ensures that you’re able to engage quickly and clearly.

Your team and your staff need to trust one another to get complicated projects done. When they use a chat module, they get the chance to be friendly and personable, which is important when things are stressful.

While they chat with one another, they’ll feel more relaxed and start to trust each others’ judgment. The better you know someone, the more you can trust them.

3. Track Customer Interactions

When you have a chat module that your clients can interact with you on, you can find out more information about them. The more time that you spend in touch with a client, the more you can find out about what makes them tick. Over time, that connection you build is going to turn into something valuable and vital to doing business with them.

You’ll learn more about what is causing them to reach out to you and what they feel they need help with. The things that they find most challenging can clue you into things that you need to fix at your company. If you find multiple clients having the same issue, it should teach you something about what you’re offering customers and how you can improve it.

You also learn about timing, which tells you more information about your customers and clients. If your calls start pouring in at noon and you’re on the east coast, your customers might be working primarily on the west coast. If you know this isn’t the case, you then learn that it’s the west coast customers that are having the most trouble with your system.

You can send someone out to help with their projects when you know that west coast customers aren’t picking up on things with your products or platform.

4. Awake When Competitors Are Asleep

Whether you’re using your chat module internally or for customer communication, it helps to have a way for everyone to interact with others are asleep. When you’re able to stay in touch, you’re able to stay productive when others can’t.

Your customers are going to appreciate the ability to interact with you 24/7. If you’re waiting around your office later than you need to, you’re probably working on a difficult project and can’t be bothered with a phone call. If you’re using a chat module as part of your digital strategy, you can start answering questions without dropping what you’re working on.

If your staff is working on a challenging project, they’re going to be haunted by it all day and all night, on weekends and during time off. That means that they could come up with clever solutions to issues when they’re off the clock and have no way to share them. If this is the case, a chat module gives them the chance to add their new ideas to the mix while they’re away from their desk without disrupting anyone else.

An Office Digital Transformation Strategy Needs Chat

If you’re not using chat in your digital transformation strategy, your business is going to suffer. You need better communication tools to stay ahead of competitors.
Without good communication, you’ll be as opaque and hard to deal with as the big monster companies out there. If you want to avoid problems with communication, check out our guide on communication chaos.

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