Why Businesses Should Ditch Old Emailing Systems

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Utilizing Gravatate To Communicate With Clients & Business Partners

The majority of the time that businesses and teams use communication tools, it’s to communicate with fellow team members that are in-house. But, why not use your communication tools to communicate with all your clients?

Having the means to communicate with clients, other than email, is starting to trend. More and more businesses are implementing easy-to-use tools to chat and communicate with clients that they conduct business with.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should ditch your old emailing system and switch to a more modern, streamlined communication tool.

Emails Are Somewhat Unreliable

For some, email is still a viable means of communicating with clients and partners but just because something works doesn’t mean that there aren’t better options out there.

Sending an email, especially ones with large attachments such as pictures, documents, videos, etc. can take time to send.

Even worse, it may accidentally get put into a junk folder. Now, you have to reassure the recipient that you actually did send the document; they don’t see it; then you have to resend the documents. What a waste of time!

Email Is Difficult To Organize

Emails are very limited in regards to how you can organize them. Most email services just provide an aggregate view of all incoming emails. As more and more emails start to accumulate, it can become very difficult to find a specific email you’re searching for. You’ll most likely have to rely on the search toolbar and hope that you remember and enter a keyword that the specific email mentions in order to find the email again.

With modern communication tools, like gravatate, you can create personalized, individual workspaces, each tailored to a different aspect of your business. With more workspaces, you can create different niches for each of them, making information and data easily accessible down the line. Navigation is made easy with collaboration and chat tools.

Chat Software Is Real-Time

Collaboration and chat software provide real-time updates. It’s as quick and instant as sending a text message.

Clients Love Speed

Clients of any business appreciate quick responses when they have questions that need answering. Gravatate is the quickest way to deliver solutions and answers to your clients.

If they have a question or a problem that needs to be fixed, responding in a lagging manner can raise skepticism from the client’s end. They may think you need a lot more time to figure out the problem when in reality, you have the solution but the message is taking time to send.

Delivering real-time solutions can reassure your clients that you are a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner to continue doing business with.  

Additional Tools & Plug-Ins

Lastly, the great thing about chat tools is the fact that you can manage everything from one convenient place!

Gravatate, for one, has a built-in team calendar so the whole team can stay on the same page. You can make sure that you don’t ever miss a deadline again as well as your group members.

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