Use These Employee Communications Strategies to Energize Your Team

strengthen your team with these employee communication strategies
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You know your company would be nothing without your employees and their hard work. Do you notice your staff’s production has been low and they’re not as enthusiastic?

Better communication can help solve these problems. Effective communication increases employee productivity by 25%.

Good communication helps them feel confident and secure in their roles.

How do you improve employee communications? Here are different communication strategies that will energize your team and improve productivity.

Emphasize Peer-to-Peer Communications

Peer-to-peer, or employee-to-employee, communications matter as much as employee-to-manager communications.

As a business owner or a manager, you’re not always around to motivate your team or answer any questions. Employees show more productivity when they’re surrounded by hard-working staff members.

Peer-to-peer communication helps generate new ideas, employee suggestions, and harnesses talent. This helps your staff appreciate each other.

Improve Company-Wide Communication

The communication between peers isn’t the only way to improve internal communication.

Company-wide communication and collaboration are also essential. This allows staff members to feel comfortable approaching management with ideas and suggestions.

What are some ways to improve company-wide communication? There are communication methods you can do outside of the office.

Make yourself available for texting and phone calls. Download a communication app. Host staff lunches and dinners.

Create a Company Culture

Your staff wants to work for a company that exudes passion and connectedness. The easiest place to start is with your company culture.

A culture helps your staff feel like they belong. You’re all connected by common interests and beliefs.

How do you create a company culture? First, focus on what makes your company unique.

You can also take a look at your branding and find any elements that stand out. This can include artwork, a slogan, or a quote.

Finally, ask your staff. See if your staff has common values, goals, and commitments.

Measure Your Communication Strategies

Every staff member has attended at least one unsuccessful staff meeting. Start measuring the effectiveness of each communication strategy.

How do you do this? Start with the most basic area — your employees. Look at their progress before and after your new communication strategies. You can even track your sales and customer surveys.

Ask your staff. See if they find new communication strategies effective.

After a few months, view your employee retention rates. Have they improved? If so, the internal communication improvement is making your staff happier.

Invest in Communication Tools

Our technological age makes communication easier than ever. For remote teams, these tools ensure your staff is still connected.

Messaging systems are becoming a staple at the office. You can create group chats with the whole staff. Your team can also send direct messages to each other.

Other examples include conferencing software, idea sharing, social media groups, and email newsletters.

Improve Employee Communications With Communication Software

Are you ready to improve your employee communications? You need the right software.

Learn more about Gravatate and get started for free.

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