3 Common Slack Issues You Can Avoid by Using Other Communication Tools

common slack issues you can avoid
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Efficient and proper communication is the backbone of any successful business. Get it wrong, and it can impact bottom lines for years. Estimates put the cost of communication barriers at well over 60 million each year.

Experiencing some Slack issues and wondering if they are a common complaint amongst users? Frustrated and looking for other options?

Keep reading to learn more and get some tips for other communication tools you can use

False Sense of Record Keeping

Slack struggles to help internal staff find documentation later on. There is little to no organization for things that have been said and shared within channels.

Staff discuss important action items in real time. But Slack makes it difficult to get a summary of a channel without skimming through the conversation.

This makes it difficult for managers or even CEOs to keep track of project work updates and other time-sensitive items.

Transparency for Staff

Employees want to know what is happening in the office. Making Slack conversations public can make it seem like there is complete transparency. But the average employee won’t be able to find topics by scrolling through channels.

Other internal communication systems can be built in order to keep information organized by category. If desired, they can then go into individual conversations.

One of the Worst Slack Issues: Distracting Pings

Slack and other similar platforms are great for getting answers to quick questions. Internal chat systems can also help shy people get to know their coworkers offline before meeting in person.

But it does have a downside. The numerous side channels and message alerts can quickly become a barrier to productivity if you aren’t careful.

The desire to keep in constant contact with fellow employees can lead to important tasks not getting done or deadlines being missed.

Online Indicator

Slack can cause trouble like other digital communication platforms because you can see when someone is online. With that knowledge, we all come to expect immediate responses.

Sometimes it is best to step back and answer the message after some time to think.

If someone is offline, many employees will wait to send the message, risking ultimately forgetting in the process.

Consider options that remove this feature if you find Slack is becoming a nuisance or bother for employees trying to get work done.

This change could also help cut down on the troublesome expectation to respond to questions during non-work hours.

Use Communication Tools that Work For You

The bottom line is that you want communication tools and software that helps staff accomplish tasks efficiently and stay in touch with teammates.

Whether you are frustrated with Slack issues related to record keeping or time-wasting distractions, have confidence that there are other options out there.

Ready to overhaul how you and your employees talk throughout the day? Want to discuss customized solutions? Contact us so we can start helping you right away!

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