How Collaboration Tools Empower Your Team’s Introverts and Help Your Whole Team Thrive

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Use Collaboration Tools to Create an Introvert-Friendly Culture

Did you know that some of our world’s most innovative thinkers are introverts? Mark Zuckerberg, creator f the biggest social network and platform is an introvert. When you think about Facebook, does that first come to mind? To be a great leader doesn’t mean you have to have a loud voice.

Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi, and Charles Darwin to list a few. Those that have paved a way in our culture and history are often deep thinkers. Being an introvert doesn’t stifle success.

Today we’re going to discuss the strengths of introverted employees and collaboration tools. Let’s take a look at tools that help your introverted employees succeed.

Building Your Team: Introverts and Extroverts

Does your team consist of a good balance of introverts and extroverts? First things first, you need to know how people on your team communicate. Without understanding this, it will be impossible to collaborate well.

Knowing how they best communicate will empower you to communicate effectively. Introverts are deep thinkers, though some find it difficult to convey speaking thoughts. Speaking through writing or text often is an easier task to accomplish.

Virtual Collaboration Tools

A mix of introverted and extroverted employees cause communication hurdles. Experts in technology developed useful tools in the digital space to aid correspondence.

Creative and collaborative communication tools like instant messaging, email, document sharing platforms, and video conferencing account for different communication skills. With the rise of online tools, introverts don’t burn out. They can communicate in a way that allows their skills to prosper.

Instant messaging for teams empower those who struggle with public speaking. They allow team members to articulate messages through text to other team members.

Play to Introverts Strengths

Introverts are able to problem solve quickly. They consider all paths prior to making a decision, and focus and think deeper than others. In business, this translates to making well thought-out, successful business decisions.  

Having digital collaboration tools give them the opportunity to review projects and agendas prior to meetings. They show up more prepared and offer great insight by having a little more time to review. There are tools that provide document sharing, commenting, and employee assignment.

Do You Want Their Feedback?

If you’re hoping to receive feedback from your fellow introverts, you’ll have to set up meetings in an appropriate way. If they are in large meetings all day long, speaking up will prove difficult. Discussion participation can happen more by setting up one-on-ones, communicating via email, and team instant messaging.

The project will move a lot faster if you’re accounting for how your introverts communicate in a meeting setting.


Using digital communication and collaboration tools for such a complex problem is a simple solution. Employees will feel more comfortable with their work and correspondence. They won’t get burnt out or feel drained from long meetings or ineffective communication.

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