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Let’s cut right to the chase. 

How do you engage with your clients? Often, clients expect prompt answers to their questions about your business solutions. As such, you need chat software that’s quick and hassle-free.

Gravatate eases the communication between your employees, co-workers, vendors, and clients. Through Gravatate, you can chat with your clients in real time, solving problems quickly and increasing your margins.

What We Do

Gravatate enables private, focused communication channels to engage your customers, 1:1 or in groups, as appropriate. This chat software also speeds up your workflow as it drives conversations in the appropriate context of the group or team.

Not only does a business need to communicate with its customers, but it also needs to improve its internal communications. Gravatate fills the gap between time-consuming and costly phone calls and slow emails. The software enables you to create workspaces for specific projects, subjects, teams, or even for particular clients. The creation of specific workspaces helps the team focus on the topic at hand and harness the power of like-minded people

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Gravatate Improves Your Teams’ Communication & Productivity.

Through instant messaging and the use of real-time data, reduce delays or eliminate them altogether.

Gravatate simplifies and fine-tunes the conversations between you, your customers, employees & contractors through engaging, personalized chat experiences.

Now, you can easily create conversation threads with prospects and clients, gather valuable client needs, and distribute contextual messages. Your teams can collaborate anytime from anywhere. 

What's Unique About Gravatate?

We Provide a Streamlined Messaging Experience

Through Gravatate, you can categorize conversations and messages into specific channels and custom groups. meeting This allows for transparency and the building of realistic expectations. Also, the streamlined messaging experience ensures that the right team handles specific client concerns, driving a better experience. It’s a relationship manager, with communication and collaboration as its core.

Real-Time Messaging

Collaborate with customers and partners real time, faster. With Gravatate, you’ll be able to use message history to analyze response performance metrics and refine your operations to be more responsive to everyone’s needs.

Immediate Messaging Notifications

Regardless of traffic rates, through Gravatate you can respond to each message request as your team is immediately notified of every new inquiry. Prompt feedback has a positive impact on how your clients perceive you and your brand.

Personalized Workspace Functions

You can personalize welcome messages, logos, brand widgets, color schemes, and even your team’s headshots. This personalization allows you to engage and manage the relationship in a human centric, high touch manner.

We Respect Your Privacy

All of the information shared in private chats or in team workspaces is never shared, and is stored in secure data centers where it is archived should you need to access it in the future.

Gravatate Easily Integrates With Email Out of The Box

While Gravatate is exceptional on its own, it helps new users stay in the loop via email, even prior to creating a Gravatate account! Stay tuned for future integrations.

What's New On Our Platform?

Today, it’s easier, faster, and absolutely free to sign up on our platform. Sign up today and let’s help you reinvent your business’s internal and external communication.