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Bigger successes start with better communication.
Streamline the way your teams work with Gravatate – an easy-to-use collaboration platform for leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs looking to get everyone inside and outside of their organizations rowing in the same direction.
Our platform is used by several leading organizations to drive successful outcomes.
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Tools Made for How Teams Actually Work

Organized Workspaces
When everything is everywhere, nothing is anywhere. Gravatate's workspaces help you organize group work and projects, putting all the essential elements of effective communication right at your fingertips, and all in one place.
Team Messaging and Chats
Start conversations and share messages with your whole group, or open side chats with individual members of your team. Our messaging and chat functions allow for faster and more natural conversations than email alone can provide. You'll boost the productivity of your entire team.
Easy File and Link Sharing, Plus Storage
Make lost attachments and emails a worry of the past. Gravatate makes it easy to share files, links, and documents with your entire group or a specific person in just a few clicks. Even better – they're always available for reference or download whenever you need them – right there in the workspace.
Built-in Email Integration
Email isn't going anywhere, which is fine by us. Any message or file shared through Gravatate chats or workspace messages can also be sent to collaborators' inboxes so nobody is ever left out in the cold. It's an approach that works well for frequent users, slow adopters, and off platform collaborators alike.
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Case Studies in Collaboration, Flexibility, and Productivity

Gravatate helps you communicate, organize, collaborate, and build a stronger business. See how we've helped these companies improve the way they work.
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