Three Ways To Ensure Your Team Adopts New Tools

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Simple yet powerful adoption tips for every team.


Great team leaders are always looking for ways they can better optimize their teams’ communication and productivity. Sometimes, the best way is to invest in a new team collaboration software (gravatate – just sayin’).  Full adoption of these new tools by the team is easier with a plan and some tips. Here are a few that may help your team successfully adopt new software. 

Communication Is Key, And So Is Teamwork

When preparing to adopt any new tool, be sure to prepare your team. Verbal, in-person communication to emphasize the benefits of this new tool will go a long way.  Plus, a quick review of the team’s onboarding process can help them feel less anxious and confused.  Finding a team “ambassador”, especially someone with previous experience using your new tool, to assist in the rollout is another plus. Hearing a colleague speak about the tool positively helps the entire team be more welcoming and feel less overwhelmed.

Provide Ample Training and Check In On Your Team

Even if your new tool is relatively simple and straightforward (again – gravatate!), an onboarding/training session (even live AMAs) can help get your whole team on the same page. Best practice is to conduct this onboarding in a way that involves a variety of learning styles to optimize what all team members get out of the experience.

Once you are out of the gates, it is really important for team leads to regularly check-in with their groups (hopefully this is something you are already do).  It is essential to create this support structure around your team, otherwise members may quickly abandon your new tool when they have questions, and fall back to something they may be more familiar with, like email and text.     

Is It The Right Tool?

Taking the time, after the initial rollout, to speak with your team and get a realistic view of how they are using your new tool will let you know if it’s a hit or a miss.  Hard to navigate portals or platforms with spotty service can cause a loss of faith – and usage drop-offs.  Here at gravatate we are fortunate that our customers give us great feedback.  We’ve been able to stick with a  straightforward approach that profession communication tools should always have. If your team isn’t meshing well with your most recent addition to the team, gravatate may be the solution for you. Quick to set up, flexible and affordable, you can’t lose by giving us a try!

No matter how your team is evolving, communication, training, and the right tools are critical for a successful transition. You can learn more about gravatate here

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