The Three Tiers Of Gravatate Membership, And Which Option Is Right For You.

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We’ve been posting some helpful info for business professional here in our blog and thought hey – we are a powerful yet easy-use-use tool for business communications.  We should post some information about how we can help you too!  So, good time for a quick review of the ways in which gravatate helps you to master your business collaborations.

Intercompany communications today

In today’s world, with the rise of solopreneurs and the gig economy, cross-organization collaboration has never been more important — or more difficult.  Gravatate is a tool that manages all our business and professional collaborations through virtual workspaces where you can skip the emails and texts and directly link up the most important and impactful members of your team.  

How we do it

Sharing messages, files and calendar events?  Use our simple and intuitive workspaces on your laptop or mobile device so you can keep that important information organized and close at hand. 

And, you have 3 options for using gravatate, depending on the number of workspaces you require.  Why?  Well, we built our product to be affordable as well as secure, intuitive and flexible.  That means that you choose the bundle of workspaces that meets your needs without the worry of either having overpaid or running out of capacity. 

Below is a deeper look into gravatate’s three pricing plans, and which option is right for you. 

Tier 1: Freebird- It’s FREE!

This is gravatate’s “freemium” option. It offers all of the same workspace functionality and features as a paid version, as well as full access to our direct messaging tools. The real difference is in the size of the workspace bundle. You can create up to 3 workspaces with no limits on the number of people you invite to join you, plus unlimited chats and up to 1GB of file storage. 

Definitely the best option for new users as you ramp up your usage, so think of it as a free trial with no credit card needed and no time limit. 

Tier 2: Mighty- $10/Month  

Once you get going you may find you need more than just three workspaces.  Our upgrade offers up to 10 workspaces and 250GB of storage.   Again, this means $10 PER MONTH not per user per month, making gravatate affordable for groups, committees and companies of all sizes.  

 Add workspaces to cover sub-committee work or branch into new groups or partner teams to engage them in our easy-to-use product and organize them, too!

Tier 3: Mighty Pro- $20/Month 

This is our most powerful level of engagement. Mighty Pro provides you with up to 25 workspaces and 500 GBs of storage.  If you want to run your larger group on gravatate, or engage multiple teams or companies this is your best option.  We know how important your business collaborations are, so consider this level for your greatest mastery and elevate all your group communications.  

Need More Info?

There are plenty of great use cases on our website and we are here to help!  Feel free to contact us to get more info, or arrange a demo! 

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