Gravatate Pro Tips: How To Get The Most Out Of Our Simple Yet Powerful Communication Tool

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At gravatate we are always working to make our communication tools as easy-to-use and useful as possible.  

Intuitive, Flexible, Engaging

The most veteran users know there is a lot you can do – and all of it is simple.  Keeping everyone in the loop, making key information easily available and engaging the whole team has never been easier.

Check out our list of gravatate best practices to become a communication master!  

Creating workspaces to fit your team needs is easy as 1-2-3:

1Gravatate is a great tool to help you better communicate and collaborate with your team, so get everyone into a workspace!  Don’t worry about slow adopters; our tag-along feature ensures they receive emails with all the important information until they sign up themselves;

2 – Carve out a separate workspace for your leadership team so you can have more strategic, private discussions with your group executives to ensure you’re all on the same page before moving forward; and

3 – Encourage the group to collaborate by regularly sending updates through your workspaces and having 1 on 1 discussions via our chat module.

Files and Links, including Google Docs/Sheets Are Great for Sharing:

One reason gravatate is such a great collaboration tool is that you can share any kind of file, link or event with key collaborators – either in workspaces or via chat.  

You may have already invested time in setting up shared files (in google or other platforms), or you just want to share completed documents.  Share those links, or any kind of file, and in workspaces you can organize them to map to key professional goals, initiatives or processes.  

Never spend another minute desperately scouring email or g-docs again!

Share ALL relevant dates, not just team calls/meetings:

You can add any event to your workspace calendar, not just team meetings.  Want your group to know about upcoming sales, or sharing an interesting seminar?  Our calendar tab makes sure that everyone in the workspace gets notified.  

Consider adding team milestones, deadlines, anniversaries or reminders to keep the team moving forward!

Easily reply to any chat or workspace message:

On the run but need to reply quickly to a gravatate message?  Use our mobile app to go right to the message and reply.  Already in email?  You can also use our ‘reply from email’ feature and your response will be added to the end of any message thread, whether in a workspace or a chat.  You’ll notice our chat module looks like other non-threaded discussions (chats, texts, etc.) – a long thread of information.  In workspaces, however, we’ve given you the opportunity to reply directly to a message so you can keep your discussions organized and on track. 

You’ll never need to frantically scroll through a million message to find that important reply again – or decide between “#” or “@” to get someone’s attention.

Summing up….

Here at gravatate we work hard to keep our platform as intuitive and easy to use as possible.  We hope that these suggestions prove beneficial to you and your team and if you have any questions be sure to check our library of Pro Tips in the Actions Tab of your app.  If you have any of your own tips to share, we would love to hear about them! Feel free to reach out to us via our website contact form.     

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