Business owners use gravatate to stay on the same page

Got a team? Got a project? Got a mountain of texts and emails? Wouldn’t it be great to have everyone on the team in sync so you can focus on the work and not the tedium of messages passing in the night?

Replace texting, emailing and swapping files with Gravatate chat and workspaces. Get new team members up to speed quickly and share files and invites easily.

It’s like getting hours back each day!

user story
user story

Non-profits and associations use gravatate to organize VIP volunteers

You’ve harnessed the passion of like-minded professionals. Now unleash the power of the team. Gravatate breaks down barriers across companies and locations, bridging gaps that email and group texts can’t fill. Use any email address to organize your best people and resources.

Leaders in higher education use gravatate to collaborate

You gather the power of association to do great things. Changing the world? Easier than getting your group to communicate. Gravatate links local and remote team members and cuts through the usual email and text chatter so you can focus on your goals, not your paperwork.
user stories