The Value of Working With a Startup

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  — by Andy Colando III


There are Learning Opportunities In Many Places

It was March 2019:  Summer, and with it the end of my freshman year at Villanova University, was less than two months away. My plans were full of uncertainty.  I had been told that the summer after freshman year was a “free” period, that you can spend however you want.  There wasn’t any real pressure to shore up some work experience until next year. 

While I’d be going back home to my family, there was also the prospect of visiting my friends and plenty of fun times.  Despite the lack of pressure I also wanted to find a way to spend my time productively. So I thought — what about doing something new, exciting, or even educational?

Making Summer Plans Work

Luckily for me, I learned about Gravatate, Inc. and their mission to change business communications for the better. Right away, I could see that this company’s work was unique and exciting.  I was eager to investigate their opportunity for a summer internship.  After further emails, meetups at networking events and a phone interview, I was in!  Now, rather than having totally uncertain summer plans, there was a world of options and opportunities before me — because I would be working with a startup.  I planned to leverage it as much as possible.

Small Firms Offer Big Rewards

Working with a startup like gravatate has provided me with a great variety of interesting and valuable work experiences.  Plus, I’ve had access to senior executives that would never be possible in a big company.  Overall, it is serving as an excellent supplement to my formal classroom education.  From researching competitors, to marketing and sales efforts with the goal of recruiting new users, to researching social media initiatives, it is the optimal summer internship to try on as many business world hats as possible!

Learning Through Options

If the variety of work experience at a startup is the greatest feature of the internship, the flexibility you receive is a close second. Gravatate has allowed me to be in a position to explore what makes a new business tick.  I get to look at all the different parts of the company, work to find solutions to unique problems, and to learn about business fundamentals I would never see in a larger company.

Jump In and Get Started

If you’re an underclassman looking for your summer adventure, check out the local startups in your area. You just might be a part of the next big thing!

A Note From Gravatate:

Hey Andy – we’re thrilled to have you with us!  Keep up the great work, thanks for all your help — and (no pressure) we expect great things from you in the future.

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