The Sunday Scaries

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How To Reduce Anxiety and Feel Good Starting The Work Week.

Ugh, Monday.  

Who hasn’t thought that??  Monday morning has long had a negative connotation.  Along with “I Hate Mondays” memes, T-shirts and coffee mugs, we associate that day with a return to the hectic, ‘rat race’ of our daily lives.   

Modern technology has begun to change the dynamic of the Monday blues, ratcheting up anxiety levels before the day even begins. Email, text, chat, and other forms of high-speed and ultra-available communication have led many to expect “always on” correspondence.  And that has led to Mondays creeping into Sundays.

So, rather than “Monday Madness” people are experiencing a new phenomenon that begins the night before – the Sunday Scaries.  Think of the as the anxiety that sets in on Sunday nights with the impending return to the office, school, or work.  In many ways, it has become the new Monday morning, and the shift of this back-to-work anxiety into the weekend itself has only been proliferated by the development of newer and faster communication tools. 

These “tools” have led to unrealistic expectations as to how fast people can switch between work and their own personal lives, especially things they find relaxing. In fact, a 2015 survey by the job-search website Monster reported that 62% of global respondents classified their dread on Sunday nights as “Really Bad.”

Luckily, there are a variety of measures that can be taken to limit the stress you are feeling Sunday evening.

Adjust Your Routine To Avoid Weekend Work

One of the biggest causes of the Sunday Scaries is the feeling that there is work to be done before Monday morning. One suggestion? Finish your week on Friday morning with a To Do list for the coming week.  Next step is to see how much prep you can do before the weekend starts.  Certainly easier said than done, but give a try for a month (that’s only 4 Fridays!) and see how organizing meetings, calls, and projects in a manner that leaves little hanging over the weekend will definitely help. 

Get Off Your Devices

If you are constantly checking your emails and texts over the weekend, you’re bound to get overwhelmed and suffer from the Sunday Scaries. Even social media can cause weekend anxiety. FOMO, or the “fear of missing out” has become a popular acronym, especially among the digitally addicted.  Feelings of stress and anxiety can easily set in, and before you know it you’re more exhausted on Sunday than you were on Friday. By taking a step back from the wave of communications you’re otherwise inundated with, you will find that you have more time to be calm, to be in the moment, and to be happy.

Enjoy Your Job

Many people will say it, but it really is worth reiterating: Do Work You Love. Ask yourself questions like: “Am I passionate about what I do?”; “What would I do for free/if I didn’t need a salary?”; and “What do my heroes do?”.  If you have a job where you feel good about those answers, you are likely in a good frame of mind before returning to work each Monday.  Yet, many people are going to jobs they hate, and this almost guarantees the Sunday Scaries. If you aren’t able to turn things around at your current place of employment, perhaps it’s time to update your resume and find (or create) a place that will make you excited for Monday.   

What Can I Do Right Now?

Take a deep breath, find a small moment of joy the next time you get consumed by Sunday Scaries and know you can get beyond it.  

Take the First Step

Sunday Scaries are rough, and the longer you have them the more weekend you’re wasting. Adjusting your routine, changing your phone habits, or finding a new job can take time, but you can create a gravatate account in about 90 seconds! 

Gravatate is a streamlined communication tool that makes it easy to manage your work collaborations and handle your To Do list before the weekend starts.  It’s free to try, and easy to use! See if gravatate is the cure to your Sunday Scaries today!  

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