The Future of AI Is Human

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The Pros and Cons Of Artificial Intelligence And The Importance Of Prioritizing Human Connections

By Andy Colando III


Science or Science Fiction?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is generating a lot of buzz these days. Simply put, AI (and even ML – Machine Learning) is a computer system that is able to learn from past experience and, according to some definitions, simulate “human” behavior.  AI holds a world of potential for increased efficiency and productivity in the 21st century. However, it is important to remember that AI is not the solution to all our problems.  Rather, think of it as a powerful tool, perhaps our most powerful yet.  And, like all tools, AI realizes its best potential when it retains human connections and interactions. 

Adding Human Interaction into Your AI Solutions

While there are many positive aspects of AI, one of the most significant drawbacks today is a demonstrated lack of creativeness.  Modern AI systems such as IBM’s Watson, and even Siri or Alexa, have shown an aptitude for sifting through large amounts of data and coming to conclusive answers.  There are many important questions that these systems fall short of answering effectively because they do not yet perform as human intellect can — creatively. This prevents AI systems from thinking outside of the box and developing novel solutions to modern problems. More importantly, this lack of creativity can also lead to a “lack of empathy” that results in overly analytical decision-making. 

Why People Still Matter

We function best when we interact with other people. Even if (when) AI develops effective ways of mimicking human emotions, it is genuine relationships between people that drive humanity and, ultimately, that drive business.  This fundamental truth, in addition to the current drawbacks of AI, reinforce that it is important to remember “behind every business, there are people”

Human Interaction Makes AI Smarter

InterContinental Hotels Groups (IHG) is a prime example of the positive impact AI can have *and* the need to maintain human relationships to provide the best service.  They used AI/ML to analyze Help Desk chat transcripts they received to their internal IT support team.  A virtual agent now helps their 30,000 employees solve simple problems, improving overall employee satisfaction.  This frees up their Help Desk staff of 150 to tackle the really difficult issues — allowing IHG to scale to meet peak demand without having to stretch or contract staff.  

This kind of concern for people is the humane behavior that current AI, on its own, fundamentally lacks. No matter how well AI analyzes data, it is this human connection that lays the groundwork for a successful company. 

See It In Action!

AI is an impressive and important tool but we must remember it is only a tool. When push comes to shove, good business is done between people, which is why it is so important that we foster these human connections and relationships.

A great way to foster the human connection with your team is to communicate effectively — with clients, co-workers and key vendors.  Gravatate is the kind of business-focused platform that drives the human relationships in your professional life, allowing you to focus on furthering your business’ mission. Click here to learn more about Gravatate!

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