Why Gravatate?

The Top 10 reasons gravatate is the right platform to drive better outcomes, experiences, and achieve success.


Email is failing you as a means of communicating and collaborating with your teams.​

You need more than just email. Gravatate is a game changer– like having an office manager without the cost of an office manager.


You’re looking for a modern group collaboration tool, without climbing a steep learning curve.

If you’re comfortable with messaging and email, you will find gravatate intuitive and natural.  No steep learning curve here.  Add and delete people with ease as projects, teams, and contributors evolve over time- keeping one central history.



Texting is a chaotic mix of friends and family and business matters, not to mention short code notifications (those weird 5 or 6 digit codes from your social platforms or your dentist!).

Now you can segregate business and professional relationships from your SMS.  Plus, the conversations on gravatate carry over to your desktop – its one single thread across all devices.  You can share files and other relevant documents over chat too.  Easy.


You have tried using a group collaboration tool, but you can’t get your team to use them.

We’re with you, and we respect and admire many of our competitors.  However, we made it super simple to get started.  Our email integration gives people the time to adjust and on-board at their own pace.  Therefore, your new initiative to improve communication and collaborate more effectively actually succeeds.

You don’t understand #hashtags; hate deciphering who people really are behind weird handles or phone numbers, never mind odd shortcuts and commands that make your head hurt.

We agree – we prioritize the human connection- first name and last name of your collaborators, using tried and true languages like English, imagine that.  No weird techie nomenclature here.



You have many collaborators, clients, and even contractors and interns on your team, but you don’t want to pay for each and every person you connect with.

Indeed, that is why we price per workspace after you have experienced our application.  No expensive per-user-per-month pricing.  Very affordable to drive your organization forward using gravatate.


Your team is beyond diverse. From baby boomers to gen-x to millennials and even college-age contributors. No single tool seems to work.

Agreed- until now.  Gravatate is the best tool on the market to corral a diverse set of stakeholders with different technology preferences and aptitudes.

You like the ease of use of the consumer “free” tools, but you don’t feel they are business-professional enough to represent your organization.

That was a large part of our motivation to create gravatate.  We hear you loud and clear.  Professional doesn’t have to be rigid or difficult to learn.



You’re not comfortable with your data and privacy on the free platforms.

Amen.  It’s your data.  Your privacy is respected on gravatate.  We charge a subscription price with the intention of making a profit, so we can keep building cool solutions for professionals like you!


We like you and want to serve you well.

Not much to add here.  Happy to help if you have questions.  We wish you and your organization wild success.  Go get em!