A more professional and focused place

for business chat and a better way to communicate and organize teams



Empower teams to get things done

  • Helpful nested conversations
  • Calendar scheduling and reminders
  • Notifications of new files and links added
  • Team directory


Professional business chat that easily lets you converse with your network

  • Messaging for your business relationships
  • Collaborate with one person or a group
  • Eliminate the need for cell phone text-sms
  • Conversations follow you across desktop and phone

Files and Links

Finished work product or links at your fingertips

  • All content stored in industry leading, secure data centers
  • Information is indexed and archived for future reference
  • All data available for download supporting your business continuity
  • Business appropriate data and privacy policy

Email Integration

Leave no-one behind with email integration

  • Easy invitation loop
  • Collaborators join over time
  • Share a code for quick joining
  • Easy to manage collaborators


A simple team calendar

  • Make appointments for the team
  • Easy to add to your calendar
  • Repeat events
Elevate your professional group to achieve success

Gravatate is the right platform to drive
better outcomes, experiences, and achieve success.